We are partner of IBM company, which have leading position on the world-wide market.

IBM i2 World-wide standard in the area of information visual analysis.

Ockham Solutions Software solution for telephone communication analysis ( ).


Our close cooperation with both Czech and foreign universities and institutions in a range of research projects allows us to offer innovative and progressive solutions.

Information providers

We work with a range of local commercial information providers such as Creditinfo Solutions, Bisnode, CCB, Economia, Anneca and Datlab.

Foreign marketplace

Via our business partners, we are represented in the foreign marketplace in Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, the Republic of South Africa, Turkey and elsewhere.

Specialised solutions

We prepare specialised solutions with the cooperation of important companies in the Czech market; for instance, Aion, IBM, Inekon Systems, Phonexia, Software 602 and T-Soft.


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