Visual analysis in IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium

Data import into the local analytic repository

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium builds on the powerful visual analysis capabilities of IBM i2 Analyst's Note­book. It provides a rich analysis environment that includes the key elements required to collate, manage, explore and analyze intelligence data.

At the core of IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium is a local analysis repository that is optimized for data management, information discovery and analysis, so that users can more effectively manage a wide range of intelligence by collating it into a single source.

The data management interface is designed to enable rapid data entry and management as well as powerful search and discovery capabilities. These features allow users to quickly explore their collated data and identify key information within the local analysis repository.

Seamless integration with the capabilities of the visual analysis environment helps to users to quickly build comprehensive views of the data of interest and create multiple hypotheses that can ultimately help to drive more timely and accurate operational decision making.

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