Quickly identify key individuals within target networks with Social Network Analysis

Eigenvector Hubs and Authorities

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook – Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis is a quantitative technique that combines organisational theories with mathematical models to help people better understand the dynamics of groups, networks and organisations.

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook includes Social Network Analysis capabilities that enable users to quickly and easily identify and comprehend the social relationships within networks by calculating Betweenness, Closeness, Degree and Eigenvector Hubs and Authorities Centrality measures.

Key Benefits:

  • Use alongside other IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook capabilities to sift through ever-growing data sets.
  • Easily identifying the gate keepers in target networks.
  • Quickly pinpoint the important characteristics and traits of a particular network.
  • Track and analyse how networks evolve over time.


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