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Displaying entities and links associated with the selected object

IBM i2 iBase

IBM i2 iBase represents database application and powerful analytical tools, which allows storing, processing and analysing of multi-source data to multiple users in one environment.

The database consists of imported or manually entered data as entities and links. Entities and links make database structure, which can be flexibly modified according to current situation, specialist’s work results or individual users requests and needs. It contains many tools facilitating data import from various formats, helping uncover and remove duplicities or identify identical entities in different databases.

IBM i2 iBase offers its users an ideal environment for analytical work, which is user-friendly and flexible. It fulfils demanding requirements on securing of sensitive data.

IBM i2 iBase 5 ANPR

IBM i2 iBase 5 ANPR is a plug-in to IBM i2 iBase, which enables analysis in the iBase database data obtained from ANPR systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

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