Usage of IBM i2 iBase IntelliShare for access to iBase database through Web browser

Queries to iBase database in IBM i2 iBase IntelliShare

IBM i2 iBase IntelliShare

IBM i2 iBase IntelliShare is a solution that enables users to quickly access and share information stored in iBase database via a web browser. It is possible to search all records, diagrams and documents with one query. Finding all relevant information and knowledge is ensured by the technology of Search 360.

Through IntelliShare users can browse content of iBase database and enrich it with new information and knowledge via user friendly web environment. IntelliShare helps to increase the productivity of the analysts and operations staff by the possibility to simultaneously work with the same data and make better and faster decisions based on accurate information.

Flexible and robust security layer of IBM i2 iBase enables non-problematic access from both web as well as from work stations. IntelliShare enables users to drag and drop search results into the IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook with possibility to complete information from additional sources.

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