Searching information in various information sources

Analysis of found objects in Analyst's Notebook interface

IBM i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search for ANB

IBM i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search for ANB is a solution, which enables to connect various information sources through web services with product IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook, which is designed for information analysis and visualization.

To all information sources, internal as well as external, user can be connected online and from one interface. Information sources can have different structure and can be stored on different places.

IBM i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search for ANB offers user quick searching in all connected sources, view details of selected objects and finding connected contexts. In results user can choose objects which he is interested in and add them to the diagram. Analogous to IBM i2 iBridge enables to uncover and view hidden links and connections within the data and identify key factors.

Solution guarantees safe access to information. It works in read only mode so it does not change data in the database.

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