Transparent chart of telephone calls association analysis

Various outputs from telephone calls analysis

IBM i2 Pattern Tracer

IBM i2 Pattern Tracer extends the analytical possibilities of IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook for uncovering typical structures or patterns in large data files about telephone calls. Telephone call analysis contains telephone call lists, records from an exchange or voice service accounts processing.

IBM i2 Pattern Tracer enables the user to identify and evaluate behavioural patterns based on different telephone call records. It substitutes hours of demanding manual work with a reliable automated solution. It enables the user to identify groups of people making the calls, connections between the callers and uncovers any resulting risks or opportunities.

The usage is easy and intuitive thanks to the integration with IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook. The user is able to use all product features within a short time. Analysis results are shown as a time graph or association chart.

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