Searching with Tovek Query Language

Context analysis

Content analysis


Tovek Tools

Tovek Tools is desktop application designed for information searching, various types of analysis and the creating of summaries and researches. They are suitable for working with large amounts of text data from various informational sources.

Using Tovek Tools it is possible to index file system, emails and ODBC databases which can then be searched all from one place. Content analysis enables the user to detect keywords in the documents and their connections to each other. Context analysis enables the user to easily sort and search documents by selected topics. Visualization enables to create charts and display the content of the selected documents or structured sources.

The search and analysis results can be exported in different formats and can include automatically generated summaries. Tovek Tools contain an editor for creating structured queries and a plug-in for connecting Tovek Tools and Analyst's Note­book.

We offer training for Tovek Tools and for those seriously interested we offer the possibility of a 30 day free trial.



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