Other services

Turnkey development

For those interested we can arrange turnkey solution development according to individual requests and needs. The solutions are based on development kits of our key technology partners. They allow us to implement effective functions for information searching, monitoring, analysis and organizing into various applications and systems. Based on a customer's request we also arrange development of additional modules for products provided by us. These can be, for example, special output modules for specific data sources.


We offer our client’s imple­mentation of products and solutions provided by us on the technical platform in the customer’s ope­rational environment. Implementation can also include the preparation of already existing informational sources for use with products provided by us.

Application support

We can provide our customers with application support beyond the limits of the standard technical support. It is possible to provide complex supervision over the application, operation or solution, realise migration to another technical platform, ensure needed system certification etc.

Consultation and methodology

We are prepared to provide expert consultation according to our customer’s in­dividual needs. We develop, in cooperation with skilled experts, methods of using our solutions for particular market segments.


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