Every company's employees need information for their work and spend a lot of time processing it. Most of the time, information processing is a necessary activity which simply allows employees to do their jobs and meet their targets correctly and in timely manner.

Our customers don't want to spend any more time or effort on information processing than is absolutely necessary. They need to work efficiently with information – and this is true for top management, middle-management and frontline employees.

Tovek solutions help them all effectively search, monitor, analyze and organize information.

Picture Search A single query enables a quick search
for required information

Picture Monitoring The right information is delivered
to the right place at the right time

Picture Analysis Information evaluation helps
reveal new context

Picture Organizing A clear structure in the information
enables easy navigation

Our solutions also include the necessary services, from implementation and technical support to users training. We are also developing solutions for specific market segments, in cooperation with experienced professionals.


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