Relationship analysis of selected economic subjects from database

Content analysis with automatically identified topics in document file



Information evaluation helps
reveal new context

With key decisions, audits or investigations there is a need of analysing of large amount of information in a short period and under the stress of time important associations can be missed.

Our solution helps specialised professionals – for example analysts, investigators or auditors – effectively evaluate large amounts of information:

  • analyzing information and uncovering new facts, associations, coherences and trends faster and better than before,
  • interpreting different analyzed results in the form of charts and graphs,
  • handling information and new pieces of knowledge and creating "informational capital" and unique company know-how.

Tovek solutions are designed for specialists who prepare evidence for decision makers.

We develop methodologies and procedures for different application areas and market segments in cooperation with our customers.

TASK (Tovek Analytical deSktop Kit) solution


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