Benefits of Solutions


Your Tovek solution may contain just one or several different information processing areas, depending upon what is important to you. We customize the size and functions of the solution for your needs, the number and qualifications of your users and the volume of information you need to process.


Tovek solutions enable the unified processing of information from different sources. These may be file system, various internal and external databases, the intranet or Internet, e-mail, multimedia archives, etc.

No integration process which would be demanding in terms of time or money is necessary for the firm's information sources. Your Tovek solution will function as a company information infrastructure which completely supplants a complicated transition from fragmented information sources to a unified information platform.


Tovek solutions are the answer to your secure information policy questions. It offers powerful tools for managing access to information and securing information from unauthorized access.

A number of our customers use Tovek solutions in information systems which have been certified at various levels of security.


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