Information delivering via RSS channel

Informational sources monitoring in a web browser



The right information is delivered
to the right place at the right time

There is often a delay in information reaching its intended users and sometimes it does not reach the right hands at all. On the other hand users can become overloaded by information, which they don't need and as a consequence they cannot react correctly.

Our solution enables automatic information filtering and sorting and delivery to the users:

  • 24 hours a day in real time,
  • via various informational channels: web portal, email, RSS, SMS etc.,
  • by any specific and customized way for individuals and groups of users.

Everyone can get needed information right to their hands. Tovek solutions save users time and eliminates mistakes and delays caused by manual processing or external supplier.

The advantage of our solutions is flexibility. When the informational needs of individuals or groups change, the rules for information filtering, sorting and delivering can be easily changed.


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