Knowledge portal with navigation structure based on Topic Maps

Searching with navigation allows look at the information in various context



A clear structure in the information
enables easy navigation

Organisations have information in many different information systems regardless of their membership to particular topics or connections to other documents.

This information is then almost useless – nobody knows it is available and where to look for it. Tovek solutions automatically sort information to specific structures:

  • information can be organized automatically or manually, the content itself (files, documents, etc.) remains stored in the original location,
  • there is an intuitive navigation interface; the navigation structure and language can be different for each user,
  • various open standards can be used to create navigation for informational sources.

Our solution enables the users to make available all information sorted into well-arranged categories, for example via a web portal. Each user can only see the categories relevant to him which lightens his workload.


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